The promise
One of the most promising advances in wave energy technology is the development of new materials and manufacturing techniques that are making wave energy devices more efficient and cost-effective.

For example, researchers are exploring the use of advanced composite materials that are lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant, which can help to reduce the weight and cost of wave energy devices.

Similarly, advances in manufacturing techniques such as 3D printing are allowing for the rapid and cost-effective production of complex geometries, which can improve the performance and efficiency of wave energy devices.

Another promising area of research is in the field of control systems and power electronics, which are critical for optimizing the performance of wave energy devices and integrating them into the power grid.

Researchers are developing advanced control systems that can optimize the energy output of wave energy devices in real-time, based on the characteristics of the waves and other environmental factors.

Similarly, advances in power electronics are allowing for the efficient conversion of the variable output of wave energy devices into the stable, grid-compatible power that is required for commercial use.